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Loopy Pro’s Pricing Structure

Loopy Pro has a pricing structure that mimics the classic desktop software model, in order to enable continued development:
  • A 7-Day Free Trial, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
  • A one-off In-App Purchase to buy the app: to keep, forever.
    • This gets you permanent access to all current features, and all those added in the following 12 months.
    • It also gets you bug and compatibility fixes for the lifetime of the app.
  • A completely optional “Upgrade” In-App Purchase, available any time from 12 months after initial purchase, to buy the latest features and all those released in the following 12 months, to keep forever. Upgrade once, or every year, or just when there’s a new feature you want, or never upgrade after the initial purchase – it’s completely up to you. And you keep what you buy, forever.
This will allow Loopy Pro to continue evolving for years to come, while letting me support my family.
– Michael